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Wayne G. Mac Dowell was born in Woodbury, New Jersey and raised in the greater Philadelphia area. Undergraduate studies were accomplished at Louisiana State University, where he also played football and Rutgers University. His business career began in Philadelphia in the tea industry with Lipton and after being promoted to the corporate headquarters for a marketing position, more than 30 years was spent in the New York City area. Sales and Marketing Management continues where after 20 years with Lipton, Wayne joined Chock Full O’Nuts Coffee Company as Director of Sales and Marketing for their Private Label Division. His business experience permitted extensive travel crisscrossing the USA and as Wayne would say…”Name the city and I’ve probably been there”! In fact, a great portion of his first book, “Not Just Another Love Story” was written in airplanes, airports and hotels. During his business career in the tea and coffee industry, Wayne was, for years, on the Board of Directors for The Tea Association of the United States of America.

He elected to take an early retirement from the business world, although he continued to consult for the tea and coffee industry, in order to spend more time with his family and to pursue his love for both domestic and international travel. “London is always calling”, states Wayne!  He also regularly visits England’s Isle of Wight, where as Chairman of the St Pete Beach, Florida International sister-City Program, he enjoys being with their Twin-City of Sandown, on this historical island. Many of the town’s sister-city committee have become…”family”. The trips across “The Pond” always include side trips to visit friends in France, Holland and Italy. In St Pete Beach, Wayne co-chaired the St Pete Beach 50th Anniversary…a year-long string of fun events and activities. His committee met for 23 months of planning on behalf of the year-long programs…without one argument…everyone pulling their oars in the same direction and the climax was a weekend of fireworks off of the beach, fun and games for the children and a dinner-dance where over 650 enjoyed a most special evening. 
   Wayne is also on the Board of the “Friends of St Pete Beach”, the “Support Our Troops Program”, A Life Member of the “Friends of the St Pete Beach Library”, a member of the “Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce”, the “Veterans of South Pinellas County” and for many years, Wayne has been an Associate Member of the 305th Bomb Group (H) memorial Association on behalf of his Uncle-Godfather, 1st Lt. Wright E. Gerke.

 As a member of the Florida Writers Association, Wayne has given writing seminars and helps aspiring writers, telling them not to get caught up in the “cookie cutter” writing theory, but to relax, create and enjoy writing.  The new book, “Not Just Another War Story” is a meaningful true to life account of the action-packed U.S. Army Air Corps during a most difficult time in our history…World War II.  It took 9 years of research and writing in order to “Get It Right” and Wayne worked hard to place you in a front row seat! Wayne continues to enjoy life in St Pete Beach, Florida where he makes time for the pleasures of boating, tennis, volunteer work, a relaxing walk on the beach and being with family and friends.


Not Just Another War Story

#1 Best-seller

Publisher: DocUmeant Publishing
Print: $19.95
Kindle & ePub: $4.99

Available in Kindle Edition

Amazon Print Edition

Available in Audio-Book format NJAWS-Audiobook-cov.jpg

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It’s been six months since the surprise attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor … Now, it is the Spring of 1942… Steve Carmichael has just graduated from the University 
of Florida. From the time he was a boy growing up on a Central Florida cattle ranch, he has 
been flying. His Dad had purchased an old mail-route bi-plane when Steve was 11 and, 
within a year, the youngster was soaring with the birds in the airplane. As young men go off to fight in the war, Steve places a professional baseball career with the Detroit Tigers on hold…making the decision to join the Army Air Corps—his desire 
is to pilot the four-engine B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber into battle.

Join Steve as he works to complete the difficult military pilot training and preparation 
for what is to come. Meet the members of his Crew…and the British nurse Steve meets at a 
USO dance…she is Margaret Steele from England’s Isle of Wight. It’s hard not to 
fall in love with “Maggie”!

You can almost hear the roar of B-17 engines when you fly along with Steve and 
his Crew as they do battle the dangerous sky above occupied Europe. Each of the 25 bombing 
missions flown is an authentic 305th Bomb Group raid on the enemy. Experience the 
action-packed air battles as the airmen try to survive…only to fly into battle on the next mission
 with the possibility of being shot down over enemy territory, evading capture and making it 
safely back to England … will Steve make it home with the help of the Dutch-French Underground?

Not just Another War Story is about life-love-hope and dreams during a war-torn world. 
The story will give you an inside look during this most difficult time in history.

See my book signing video here:

Not Just Another Love Story

Publication Date: May 27, 2015, DocUmeant Publishing, 2nd Edition
Kindle: ASIN: B00YERQE9G
Price: $4.99

Not Just Another Love Story will make you laugh, tear up and have you fall in love with a wonderful cast of characters. Kirk Daniels has just completed his third year at the University of Maryland. This summer will certainly be different for Kirk as the State Park Superintendent’s daughter, Sharon, makes things very interesting. After meeting her, Kirk thinks to himself, “I don’t believe in love at first sight, but that girl sure grows on you in a hurry!”

19 thoughts on “Not Just Another Author…

  1. Impressions of “Not Just Another War Story”
    This is a book you won’t want to put down. Much action takes place during WWII, specifically the bombing raids over Europe by our B-17 bombers. Scenes in London are well portrayed where the crews visited the city.

    Eventually, Steve, the main character in the book is shot down. Much of the narrative takes place with the underground getting Steve safely back to England. Once there, he eventually returns stateside.

    The beauty of this book the author continues the story with Steve, now married, with his own family.

    A well documented, must read book

  2. After having read and enjoyed “Not Just Another Love Story,” I really could not wait to read Wayne MacDowell’s latest novel “Not Just Another War Story” and it did not disappoint.

    To be truthful, not being very knowledgable about WW2 or planes, I had some concern that it would be a difficult read. What a pleasant surprise this book turned out to be. In fact I could hardly put it down and amazingly it was the plane missions that had my heart beating. Practically felt like I was along on every one of the flights and found myself counting them down with fingers crossed so that Steve could be safely homeward bound.

    Readers will enjoy getting to know the characters in this story and learn interesting facts about England, Europe and WW2 along the way. My father was in this war and I did not know about the underground people who protected and saved so many of our military people until I read “Not Just Another War Story”.

  3. Good comments and feedback Wayne. Well deserved. Happy New Year to you and Ruth. Regards. Ian

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  4. This book really gives the reader incredible insight into what the life of a bomber pilot was like during the 2nd World War. All the descriptions of places and events are so complete that one really has the feeling of being there. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, found it hard to put down and would highly recommend it.

  5. Best WWII book in quite some time. The detail on the aircraft used in the war are terrific! I have given several copies to friends and all have enjoyed the story from our greatest generation!

  6. Hi Wayne,

    Good to see you message. I hope all is well with both Ruth and yourself.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that Donald gets re-elected for his second term next month. We get so many negatives messages about his poll ratings that the media here thinks he is going to lose; what do you think? I Would love a Donald Trump poster if there are any about.

    Anyway, as both the USA and the UK are still under Covid restrictions it doesn’t look as if we’re going to cross the Atlantic anytime soon sadly.

    All the very best to you both


    Cllr Ian Ward BEM

    Councillor for Sandown South Cabinet Member for Infrastructure & Transport ________________________________

  7. Absolutely a fascinating account of a fabulous bomber pilot in WWII. I live just across the Corey Causeway to St. Pete Bch and would love to meet Steve if still living. I realize most soldiers of WWII are in their 90s plus. Can’t seem to find anything about him. Have a signed copy of your book and plan to share with my older friends that have WWII collections. Bonnie

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